11 thoughts on “Reassignment and Detachment

  1. Thank you for that short talk. I was praying about detachment today. Once I prayed that prayer of St Ignatious – “Lord, take my liberty… give me only your love and your grace..”. Today, due to side effects from a ,education, I am legally blind and unable to walk, and I was kind of whining to Jesus about answering that prayer! 😂 Anyway, the timing for me to hear this was perfect! I never heard of petersboat until today when my friend posted the song about the lighthouse on Facebook today, which was awesome! Anyway, trust Him! 🙏❤️

  2. Father Rob,

    You were/are a great role model for my daughter Alyssa. She’s been touched by your charity and faith and will probably forever take that with her.

    Tom LaMagna

  3. Father Rob,

    I too was sad to hear of your departure for selfish reasons too! After a few days of reflection and thinking of all your good teachings over the years, I have come to terms with it. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but for me personally, this IS a big deal! You have also been School Chaplain to my two daughters at SJB, and now to a niece who attends, and every one of us has been touched by your: kindness, caring, sincerity, pleasant way… You are a wonderful person and priest, and we were lucky to have had this time together with you!!!!
    God bless you in your new assignment! Its funny, I have been talking to my mother about this great priest at my parish for years, and she said she knows you from Telecare TV!, and now you are going to be her Pastor! They are lucky to have you! Keep doing the great work you have been doing!!!!
    Again, God bless!


  4. The Lord has done great things thru you! Thank you for saying YES……. we know you will continue to grow! Love Linda and Tom

  5. I pray you will continue with your PetersBoat postings! I have been inspired by so many of them. The church needs more priests like you! Good luck in the new assignment!

  6. I have never met you but you are an inspiration in my road during this journey on earth. Your thoughts your insights are so beneficial. Thank you for leading this lost sheep

  7. Father Rob, I have truly enjoyed listening to your videos here and I am PRAYING for you as you move from one assignment to the next, for the Parishioners and students you leave behind and for those you will shepherd in your new Parish. May God grant you every blessing and grace to do His will and share His love throughout your Parish and beyond. Amen!

  8. I have never met you in person, but you are an inspiration of both faith and humanity to me. I am certain your Parishoners must be heartbroken. Please continue Peter’s Boat so we can continue to be filled with the Spirit. Blessings in your new assignment. You are a example of only God’s True Light to all you reach through your video messages.

  9. Father Rob,
    Your priestly ministry at SJB has deeply impacted my faith and the faith of my family. You have been there to inspire and instruct two of my sons at SJB, and our entire family has learned from your homilies, your videos, and your daily example of faith, hope, and love. We will miss you, but we look forward with joyful hope at what God has in store both for you and your priesthood, and for the SJB community. God bless you!
    Janice Reichert-Emprimo

  10. Beautiful video! When we learn to detach from the world, we experience true freedom. I’ve been greatly changed by your presence as a priest over the last few years. I am blessed to know you. Now it’s time to touch and help other souls in your new assignment… God Bless +

  11. Fr. Rob,

    I am sorry to hear about your transfer for largely selfish reasons… As a lay Chaplain to Catholic schools, you’ve inspired and challenged me by the content of this site and these videos. I know your students will miss your ministry, and I will too!

    Mike Landry

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