2 thoughts on “A Place of Freedom

  1. Thank you father your wisdom is a gift from god remember it only takes one person to listen to you and you can change the world

  2. Your words about Martin Luther king Jr for me are SO needed right now. I feel like this is what’s missing so much in our culture. To put this in the positive, let me borrow some words: The cry for equality should be a tide that lifts all boats! We make such a mistake by trying to lift one group up, by putting another down. All that does is keep the cycle going, the very cycle that we are hoping to stop! So I understand the mistake, it’s so human. But I value so much those people that can remind us about the truth and the power of real equality. I worry that people are forgetting the power behind MLKs words, that it isn’t just nice to be non-violent. It’s actually powerful. It will never work to throw a rock….it is always better to remind people that they care! That’s what “protests” should be, an attempt to show people why they do in fact care. (All your videos do that for me, Father Ketchum) I listen way more to a calm, kind voice. Who really listens to someone in a moment of anger? I saw a young woman make a point (which I whole heartedly agreed with)… then I saw her hit someone….. I felt beyond sad. How are we back here? To get older and see the whole cycle repeating… It hurts. So thank you for this video.

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