3 thoughts on “Saint Andrew

  1. If you haven’t read the “Sermons of St. Francis deSales” For Advent and Christmas – There is a beautiful one for the Second Sunday of Advent . John’s sending his followers to see Jesus is explained beautifully. BTW – the next time someone tells you Your homily was too long.. refer them to this book. The Sermon I mentioned is 18 pages long. Easy read though! Hope your Christmas is “wonder” full. Prayers continue. Nora Brunette

  2. Hi Fr. Rob, I love your weekly posting, even though I’m in my early 70’s. I have been remembering some previous you tube episodes I think you taped with Msgr. McDonald. I found the one on the importance of heaven, and the one on the Heart of the Curé of Ars. But I can’t find any others, and wonder if you can tell me how to access any of those others? Thank you, Father, and God Bless You, and Thank You for your vocation! Sincerely, Mary A. McGreal mmcgreal8@me.com

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    • Thank you, Mary. In the coming weeks, I’ll be reposting the other two videos of Monsignor McDonald that you’re remembering. You’ll find them here. God bless you +

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