Dr Tony Lazzara Visits SJB

The Hogar San Francisco de Asis was founded by Dr. Anthony (Tony) Lazzara to care for children who are both destitute and experiencing serious health problems in Peru. At this time the ages of the children range form from new born to young adults. The types of medical illness vary and include but are not limited to malnutrition, TB, cleft lip and palate, and various types of cancer. The length of stay for each child varies: they stay until they are well enough to return to their families. Some are orphans. During their stay at the Hogar this is their home, and everyone in the home is considered their family.

Our students visit and serve The Hogar each year on mission. You can view a documentary video of their experience here on this site. It’s entitled, “The Hogar San Francisco de Asis – SJB 2016.”